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Facial-Emotion-Recognition - Insight Platforms

Facial & Emotion Recognition – What’s the Difference?

A free ebook from Element Human that explains the key differences between facial recognition, verification and biometrics; and explores the use cases, advantages and drawbacks of each technology.

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Mastering Storytelling Course - Insight Platforms

Mastering Storytelling

Live online training course: Sept 9th, 16th & 23rd.
Caroline Florence, founder of Insight Narrator, leads this storytelling course for insight managers, qual / quant researchers and data analysts.

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Demos - Research and Analytics Software - Insight Platforms


On-demand video collection. Introductions, walkthroughs & Q&A discussion with leading research and analytics technology platforms.

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Mastering Online Workshops with Paraffin Featured Image - Insight Platforms

Mastering Online Workshops

Live online training: Sept 1st, 8th & 22nd.
Pam Hamilton, founder of insight capabilities agency Paraffin and author of The Workshop Book, leads this interactive online workshop training.

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Mastering Online Qualitative Research - Insight Platforms

Mastering Online Qualitative Research

Tom Woodnutt of Feeling Mutual is giving a series of live online training sessions throughout September 2020 to help you win, plan and run better online qualitative research.

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Mastering Storytelling - Square
Maru-HUB Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – Maru-HUB

Maru/HUB Demo.
Maru/HUB combines packaged solutions, ad hoc agile research and enterprise survey authoring and high quality panels with advisory insight support.

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Element Human Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – Element Human

Element Human Demo.
Element Human is a customer understanding platform that blends question data & biometrics (eye-tracking, facial coding, implicit response) using Human AI.

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FlexMR Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – FlexMR InsightHub

FlexMR InsightHub Demo.
FlexMR InsightHub is a research platform with tools for insight communities, live chat, focus groups, blogs, forums, smartboards, scrapbooks, polls and diaries.

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HatchTank Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – HatchTank

HatchTank Demo.
HatchTank is a qualitative research platform for open discussions, webcam feedback, collage-building and whiteboarding with support for over 20 languages.

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Q One Tech Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – Q One Tech

Q One Tech Demo.
Q One Tech is a panel management, survey and UX research/data collection platform for both simple quick-turn-around studies and complex multi-wave projects.

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incling Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – incling

Incling Demo.
Incling is a digital research platforms with expert services for building and managing online insight communities in over 20 languages.

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Market Logic Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – Market Logic

Market Logic Software Demo.
Market Logic’s insights platforma enables consumer-centric decisions with a powerful Insights Engine, a comprehensive Digital Insights Workspace, and an intuitive Business Assistant.

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Codeit Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – Codeit

Codeit Demo.
CodeIt is a software platform for text analytics and verbatim response coding. It uses a variety of advanced machine learning techniques.

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Crowdtech Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – Crowdtech

Crowdtech Demo.
Crowdtech is an agile research platform with features for surveys. short and long term insight communities and large scale customer panels.

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Heartbeat Ai Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – Heartbeat Ai

Heartbeat Ai Demo.
Heartbeat AI is a text analytics platform that extracts human emotion insights from conversations, open survey questions, social media and other sources.

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Recollective Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – Recollective

Recollective Demo.
Recollective is an online platform for insight communities and qualitative research projects of any duration or size.

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Sentisum Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – Sentisum

Sentisum Demo.
SentiSum is a personalised AI platform that uses machine learning to analyse large amounts of customer feedback data from all channels in real time.

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Infotools Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – Infotools Harmoni

Infotools Demo.
Infotools Harmoni is a cloud-based platform for integrating, analysing and visualising survey results from a range of studies or an on-going tracking programme

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Askia Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – Askia

Askia Demo.
Askia builds survey and reporting technology to help understand and predict human behaviour. It is the tech partner for visionary market research agencies.

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What I Learned Watching 14 Software Demos - Insight Platforms

What I Learned Watching 14 Research Software Demos

An article exploring some of the bigger picture trends that came out of the first Insight Platforms Demo Days.
How to Use Mobile Ethnography to Understand Digital Shopper Journeys - Indeemo - Insight Platforms

How to Use Mobile Ethnography to Understand Digital Shopper Journeys

A short explainer from indeemo on the benefits of using mobile ethnography, smartphone diaries and mobile screen capture to understand online path-to-purchase.
Can Automated Eye Tracking Ever Replace Humans - Lumen - Insight Platforms

Can Automated Eye Tracking Ever Replace Humans?

By Mike Follett of Lumen. Machine Learning can create heatmaps without eye tracking research. But can AI algorithms ever understand context, meaning and attention as well as humans?
15 Tools to Manage and Analyse Qualitative User Research - Insight Platforms

15 Tools to Manage and Analyse Qualitative User Research

An overview of the different software options for managing and analysing qualitative user research, including a list of 15 specialist tools.
Webinar - nudge - 10 Trends in Insight
An overview of 10 major trends impacting the business of insight, including 5 that focus on technology and 5 that deal with transformation of insight teams.
Selecting Effective Product Claims - Featured Image - Insight Platforms
A webinar about how to choose the most compelling claims for consumer products, presented by research automation specialists
Winning in the Attention Economy - Insight Platforms
A webinar about how people give and avoid attention to media and communications content in different formats, based on eye tracking tech & research.
AI for Pragmatists - Insight Platforms
A webinar about AI for market research and analytics. Includes practical examples, software tools and implications for the future.
The Guide to AI for Research & Analytics
A free introductory ebook about artificial intelligence for researchers, analysts and marketers in client teams and agencies.
Uncovering Human Emotions in Unstructured Data - Insight Platforms
A free white paper from Heartbeat Ai that explains how NLP can be used to identify and measure the emotional content of language.
The Guide to Self Service Research - Insight Platforms
A free ebook from Insight Platforms and Attest, with a seven-step plan to help market research and consumer insight leaders implement research technology.
A Buyer’s Guide to Market Research Analysis Software - Insight Platforms
A free ebook by Infotools with advice and guidance on choosing market research analysis software.
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Mastering Online Qual Course Square Ad 2 - Insight Platforms
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