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How Not to do Insight Transformation - Insight Platforms

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Selecting Effective Product Claims - Featured Image - Insight Platforms

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User Research Market Map - Insight Platforms

Market Map:
User Research

rivaltech chatbot

Rival Technologies

Rival Technologies develops chat, voice and video technology for the mobile-first generation. Our platform makes ...
customer feedback solutions

Q One Tech

Q One Tech is a market research software development company. Q One is a panel ...

2020 Qualboard

QualBoard is the industry’s leading digital engagement platform. Redesigned from the ground-up in 2019, the ...


Recollective is an online platform for insight communities and qualitative research. Developed in partnership with ...
Digsite logo blue


Digsite’s leading agile qualitative research platform makes it fast and easy for marketing, innovation and ...


Zappi helps global brands make faster and better decisions to drive business growth, shape new ...


Maru/Blue operates high quality, proprietary online market research panels through which consumers voice their opinions ...
incling insight communities software


We are digital research experts who specialise in building engaging online communities of all shapes ...
Market research AI


Response:AI offers market research firms and agencies the ability to scale up their offering and ...
customer insights software

Heartbeat AI

Customer decisions are driven by EMOTION - not reason. People express emotions using their facial ...
analytics and research software


For over 18 years, Netquest has provided market researchers with genuine, insightful data. Founded in ...
UX insight software


We are attention technologists who use eye tracking and other behavioural research techniques to understand ...
customer insights software


Gavagai has created the Gavagai Explorer, an AI-driven text-analytics platform that provides actionable insights from ...
insight community software


Attest is on a mission to ensure that all companies can put real consumers and ...
UX insight software


Behavioural Recruitment by Liveminds Behavioural Recruitment helps brands get authentic consumer insights, by finding fresh ...


Infotools is an award-winning software platform and services provider. The platform, Infotools Harmoni, has been ...
UX insight software

FlexMR InsightHub

To survive in today’s global marketplace, brands cannot afford to wait on data. Informed decisions ...
customer insights software

Fuel Cycle

Fuel Cycle is the leading market research cloud that combines both qualitative and quantitative data ...
UX insight software


Conjoint.ly provides automated tools and expert support for product and pricing research. We offer a ...

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How to Get Value from Your Verbatims with Autocoding - Insight Platforms

How to Get Value from Your Verbatims with Autocoding

Zappi's Data Science Product Manager explains how machine learning models can be trained to automatically code open-ended survey responses.
User Research Market Map - Insight Platforms

Market Map: User Research Software & Solutions

A map of user research platforms, including user testing, user feedback and usability testing tools.
What is User Testing - Insight Platforms

What is User Testing?

An overview of the main methods for user testing, including remote / in-person and moderated / unmoderated approaches.
The Problem with Professional Participants - Insight Platforms

The Problem with Professional Participants

Paid research participants on survey panels pose 3 challenges: habitual responding, implicit memory and distorted motivations.
Culture of Experimentation for Insight
A webinar about the principles of lean startup, agile development and design thinking - and how they apply to market research and consumer insight.
AI for Pragmatists - Insight Platforms
A webinar about AI for market research and analytics. Includes practical examples, software tools and implications for the future.
Winning in the Attention Economy - Insight Platforms
A webinar about how people give and avoid attention to media and communications content in different formats, based on eye tracking tech & research.
Webinar - nudge - 10 Trends in Insight
An overview of 10 major trends impacting the business of insight, including 5 that focus on technology and 5 that deal with transformation of insight teams.
The Guide to AI for Research & Analytics
A free introductory ebook about artificial intelligence for researchers, analysts and marketers in client teams and agencies.
A Buyer’s Guide to Market Research Analysis Software - Insight Platforms
A free ebook by Infotools with advice and guidance on choosing market research analysis software.
Agile Research Guide - Insight Platforms
A free ebook that explains how modern, agile methods of market research are helping consumer product teams to innovate faster and with greater success.
The Guide to Self Service Research - Insight Platforms
A free ebook from Insight Platforms and Attest, with a seven-step plan to help market research and consumer insight leaders implement research technology.
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