10 Chatbots for User and Market Research

10 Chatbots for User and Market Research

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Chatbots for research are here

I’ve seen the future and the future is awesome.

Well, the near future is chatbots. Lots of them.

They help with sales, customer services and tech support; and now there are chatbots for research.

And many of them have a default awesome setting to show appreciation for your answers.

In fact, it’s quite entertaining to see how quickly you can provoke an awesome response from these things.

chatbots are awesome

(Yeah, well at least I didn’t do this.)

So chatbots for research are here and they’re fun.

And they’re especially handy for researching The Kids (Millennials / Gen Zs / whatever). The Kids don’t have email and won’t take surveys – but they will respond a bit more if you get them in Messenger.

And then you can fool them into taking not-surveys through a series of mini scrolling speech bubbles. With lists of answer options.

In all seriousness, chatbots for research are taking off: they can be quick, fairly unobtrusive, with a familiar interface and run natively inside other apps.

They’re a stepping-stone to truly conversational feedback through intelligent voice agents – and they’re growing. You should think about giving them a go for certain use cases and target audiences.

So what are your options if you want to get chatty with your surveys? Essentially you can go generalist or specialist:

  1. Adapt or build your own chatbot 
  2. Use a dedicated chatbot for research

Adapt or build your own chatbot 

You could tweak an existing marketing / sales / support chatbot like Drift, LivePerson or Hubspot. You’ll be tied to fairly simple surveys using these tools, but the data you collect will integrate nicely into a CRM or marketing automation platform.


Or, if you’re feeling brave, you can build something more tailored. Actually, you don’t have to be that brave: there are loads of bot builder platforms out there that don’t need any coding knowledge at all to get started.

Tools like Botsify (for website and Facebook Messenger bots), Collect.chat (for websites – also has a WordPress plugin) or Chatfuel (for Messenger) are surprisingly simple to play with. You can even get going for free, and you get a lot of flexibility.


Here’s a simple demo for a feedback survey with single choice, multi choice and open-end answers: https://collect.chat/templates/b/hotel-feedback.

Use a dedicated chatbot for research

There are 10 chatbot platforms in the Insight Platforms directory right now. But it’s a growth area, so expect to see more of them before long.


1. SurveySparrow


SurveySparrow is a software platform for conversational surveys and forms. Features include a range of question types, survey templates, question logic and piping. Surveys can be embedded on websites or in other software tools through integrations with Zapier, Slack, Intercom and Mailchimp. An offline survey app is also available, along with access to an audience panel in more than 80 countries.


2. Wizu


Wizu is a chatbot surveys platform with an emphasis on customer experience feedback. The tool has survey templates for NPS, CES and CSAT surveys, and you can also build your own ad hoc surveys with open text, sliders, ratings and single / multiple choice questions. The survey bots are embedded on websites and the look and feel can be fully customised. You can also integrate with Salesforce and get sample from global research panels.


3. Rival Technologies


The Rival Technologies platform enables conversational surveys to run in a web browser or be embedded in messaging apps. The tool also integrates with Vision Critical insight communities, and Rival’s sister agency Reach3 can design and manage full service research programmes on the platform.


4. Acebot


Acebot is a chatbot survey builder with multiple question types (including image, video and animated gif sharing and drag and drop responses), pre-built survey templates, multilingual surveys, data validation, advanced skip logic and question & answer piping. Survey bots can be embedded directly into a web page or hosted in WeChat or Messenger. Analytics include real time reporting with charts, summary tables and export to CSV; and sentiment analysis for open ended responses.


5. Surveybot


Surveybot works with Facebook Messenger and Facebook Workplace. You can build surveys using 12 different question types, advanced conversational logic, answer piping and rules for re-engagement. Survey panels can be created from subscribers who take surveys in Facebook messenger, with segments based on profile attributes, surveys completed/incomplete and specific question answers.

6. inconvo


inconvo is a conversational platform for insight communities. The technology uses the audience’s existing channels (messaging tools, social media, websites and mobile apps) for discussions, questions and feedback.


7. Upinion


Upinion is a community research platform with a conversational surveys tool. Chat surveys can be deployed in Facebook Messenger and include various question types (single answer, multiple choice, open-ended, rating, image/video, numeric, sliding scale); communities can be built managed and rewarded through social platforms; and results can be analysed in real time.


8. Tetatet


I was in school with a boy who used to draw this company’s logo everywhere. Tetatet offers several feedback solutions: chatbot surveys (web based), standard digital surveys and communities.


9. Swelly


Swelly is a conversational polling and surveys tool with a global community of more than 7 million app users. Polls are taken in the native Swelly iOS and Android apps, or in messaging apps include Facebook Messenger, Kik, Telegram, Line and Viber. App users can create their own polls and surveys to send to friends; businesses can then access the community to test product ideas or campaigns.


10. Acquainted


Acquainted is another chatbot surveys and polling tool for embedding on websites.


Did I miss anyone? Let me know if I did.

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