Knowledge Hound Review

Overview KnowledgeHound is a search-based SaaS platform for analysing and visualising survey data. It aims to deliver on four big benefits: To democratise research data by giving more people access (and reduce the time research teams spend on basic reporting and analysis) To make searching for insights as easy and effective as using Google To …

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unomer screenshot

6 Tools for Agile Automated Survey Research

What the hell is automated survey research anyway? Well, it’s an ugly label for a set of tools that are transforming the research value chain. You might call them DIY tools … but I never will. If you saw my home maintenance efforts, you would understand why. Actually, I refuse to use the term because it’s …

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6 flavours of text analytics platforms

This post is a follow up to The Bluffer’s Guide to Text Analytics for Research. You might like to read that first if you haven’t already. Text Analytics has a wide range of applications. Some providers focus their propositions on specific use cases; others have relative strengths in different areas. Here are some different buckets …

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Together Multi Device

Together Platform Review

Together is an online qualitative research and community platform from Further (formerly known as Dub). It can be used for one-off discussions or – more commonly – for multi-stage projects or communities with a series of different exercises.

mobile ethnography app

Indeemo Platform Review

Overview Indeemo (shorthand for ‘in de moment’) is a smartphone app for mobile ethnography and qualitative research. It is a hybrid managed service and DIY solution, and is used for getting quick, contextual insights and feedback. Pricing Indeemo has no published pricing. Ad hoc projects are individually costed based on size (number of respondents) and duration. …

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iCode Platform Review

Overview iCode is an online survey tool which identifies the level of certainty in people’s opinions by measuring the speed of their response time. Built on academic research, iCode claim this method more accurately predicts consumers’ future behaviour (compared to asking traditional or explicit survey questions), on the premise that faster responses denote certainty and …

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