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'Agile' may be the most abused word in research and analytics, often used as shorthand for technology that makes things faster and cheaper. This section will help you learn the difference between agile, lean, design thinking, experimentation and iteration.

You will also find agile platforms and partners to help you deliver.

quantilope logo - Insight Platforms


quantilope is an agile insights platform that automates advanced research methodologies including Conjoint, MaxDiff, Implicit Association Tests.
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Toluna combines innovative technology, human expertise and award-winning research design in an end-to-end consumer intelligence platform. Self-serve or get help to launch surveys in minutes and see results in real-time.
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Fuel Cycle

Fuel Cycle is the leading market research cloud that combines both qualitative and quantitative data to power real-time business decisions.
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Maru-HUB Demo - Insight Platforms

Platform Demo – Maru-HUB

Maru/HUB Demo.
Maru/HUB combines packaged solutions, ad hoc agile research and enterprise survey authoring and high quality panels with advisory insight support.

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How Not to do Insight Transformation - Insight Platforms

How Not to do Insight Transformation

A webinar about the pitfalls of well intentioned digital transformation initiatives in consumer insight, analytics and market research teams.
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Lean Communities - Disrupting Another False Dichotomy - Insight Platforms

Lean Communities: Disrupting Another False Dichotomy

Isaac Rogers, CEO of 20|20 Research, previews his session at the Communities Summit 2020: how Lean Communities offer faster, lower cost insight solutions.
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Selecting Effective Product Claims - Featured Image - Insight Platforms

How to Select Effective Product Claims for Consumer Products

A webinar about how to choose the most compelling claims for consumer products, presented by research automation specialists
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How to Roll Out DIY Research Platforms - Insight Platforms

How to Roll Out DIY Research Platforms

A webinar with practical guidance and 7 steps to success for insight leaders planning the rollout of agile, self-service or DIY research software. Available on-demand: register to watch instantly.
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How Qualitative Research Benefits from Automation and Machine Learning - Insight Platforms

How Qualitative Research Benefits from Automation and Machine Learning

A short explainer by Fuel Cycle about the benefits of technology for qualitative research - including text analytics, computer vision and video interviews.
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The Lean Insight Toolbox Part 3 - The Five Whys - Insight Platforms

The Lean Insight Toolbox Part 3: Getting to the Five Whys

The 'Five Whys' - digging and probing for root cause understanding - underpins lean insight, and is also fundamental to new qualitative research approaches
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The Guide to Self Service Research - Insight Platforms

The Guide to Self Service Research

A free ebook from Insight Platforms and Attest, with a seven-step plan to help market research and consumer insight leaders implement research technology.
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Culture of Experimentation for Insight

How to Build a Culture of Experimentation

A webinar about the principles of lean startup, agile development and design thinking - and how they apply to market research and consumer insight.
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Top Tips Community Moderation - Insight Platforms

The Guide to Community Management & Moderation

A free ebook from community experts incling, with practical tips for successful insight community moderation and management.
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Automated Survey Research - Insight Platforms

Agile Research and Lean Insights

A directory of software and services for automated survey research, and related learning resources: articles, market maps, webinars, videos and ebooks.
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Going global via mobile - Insight Platforms

Going Global via Mobile

A webinar by Dave Kaye of Field Notes Communities, in which he shares 10 tips for international smartphone ethnography and video qualitative research
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Agile Research Guide - Insight Platforms

The Agile Research Guide

A free ebook that explains how modern, agile methods of market research are helping consumer product teams to innovate faster and with greater success.
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Five Attributes of Lean Insight & Analytics Teams - Insight Platforms

Five Attributes of Lean Insight & Analytics Teams

Customer insight and analytics teams have begun to adopt lean principles. Here are five attributes that characterise successful teams.
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6 Tools for Agile Automated Survey Research - Insight Platforms

6 Tools for Agile Automated Survey Research

Automated survey research is clumsy label for software that is transforming market research. Read out about 6 innovative platforms here.
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How Not to do Insight Transformation - Insight Platforms

How Not to Do Insight Transformation

A free ebook with five fictionalised case studies about insight transformation, with lessons to help research teams get their own change programmes right.
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Spotify Insight Community Recollective Ypulse - Insight Platforms

Spotify and YPulse Insight Community Case Study

A case study exploring how Spotify worked with its agency YPulse to build a Millennial and Gen Z insight community using the Recollective platform.
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Attest 80-20 Webinar Recording Featured Image - Insight Platforms

The 80-20 Rule: Give Away Control to Make Yourself Indispensable

On-demand webinar. A free webinar by Attest that describes how customer insight teams can benefit by democratising access to consumer research platforms.
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The Market Research Cloud Explained - Insight Platforms

The Market Research Cloud Explained

A free white paper from Fuel Cycle that demystifies the world of market research clouds and shows how you can benefit from an integrated ecosystem.
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The Lean Insight Toolbox Part 2- Iterative Insight Platforms

The Lean Insight Toolbox Part 2: Iterative Insight Platforms

Iterative, continuous feedback is a core principle in lean insight; read how communities, CX measurement and A/B testing all have a part to play
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Phebi is a software platform for voice-enabled surveys and analytics. ...
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Upsiide is an online survey platform for testing ideas using ...
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Ipsos.Digital is the automated survey research platform from Ipsos, the ...
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Potloc is a hybrid software and services research platform that ...
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Copytesting is a solution for rapid qualitative assessment of website ...
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PriceBeam is a software platform for automated pricing research using ...
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Maru-Hub Logo


Maru/HUB is a global research technology ecosystem delivering meaningful insights ...
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Thatswhy is a software platform for recording, automatically transcribing and ...
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Cubery is a tech-driven research and insights agency, offering end-to-end, ...
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Fastuna logo - Insight Platforms


Fastuna is an automated survey research tool for validating product ...
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poll research software

Poll & Roll

Poll & Roll is a tool for automated survey research ...
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OnePulse logo - Insight Platforms


OnePulse is an automated research tool for deploying micro surveys ...
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perksy market research


Perksy is a self-service consumer insights platform that focuses on ...
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1Q market research


1Q is an automated survey tool for fielding very short ...
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kvest analytics


Kvest is an automated survey platform with a series of ...
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mysurveylab survey software


MySurveyLab is a survey platform with integrations to CINT for ...
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zinklar user analytics


Zinklar is an automated research platform for creating custom surveys. ...
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opeepl market research


Opeepl is a self-service platform for mobile survey research amongst ...
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unomer analytics software


Unomer is a platform for mobile in-app survey research. The tool ...
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Pilotly analytics is an automated research platform for testing consumer responses ...
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