COVID-19 Research

COVID-19 Research

Links to third party research studies, articles & videos

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This is a collection of research programmes that nobody wanted to do: tracking studies, video interviews and qualitative research to explore the human impact of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Featured studies are on-going programmes from Insight Platforms sponsors. They contain data and insights that are freely accessible to researchers, analysts and journalists.

COVID-19 Ad Index

Response:ai has developed a new approach to ad testing for the COVID-19 era to determine whether content is aligned to consumer sentiment. More details in this article, or download the summary below. 

Consumer Closeness in the Age of Social Distancing

An online community of American and Canadian consumers capturing the human aspect of the pandemic in video and chat responses. Provided by Rival Technologies and Reach3 Insights.

Corona Stories

Peek Content, sister agency to Field Notes Communities, is engaging with people in different markets to tell the real stories about living under new restrictions. The Corona Stories YouTube channel has videos from the UK and Italy.

The Consumer NOW Index

A weekly automated tracking survey of consumer reactions to changing events and their impact on family, work, health and the sense of self.

Provided by quantilope.

Mapping the #NewNormal

Pulsar is mapping the trends in sentiment and  behaviour by analysing conversations across social media and blogging platforms.

The impact of COVID-19 on consumer survey responses

Zappi conducted research with 4,050 consumers in the US, UK, China, Italy and Mexico to re-test 26 concepts and advertisements from six categories (personal care, food and beverage, home hygiene, Telco, QSR, OTC).

COVID-19 Feel, Behave, Think Omnibus Tracker

Maru’s COVID-19 Feel, Behave, Think Omnibus Tracker provides insight into changing consumer behaviours and emotions in the US< UK and Canada with daily and weekly updates available by email.

OnePulse Daily Pulses

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, OnePulse is offering businesses the chance to ask up to 2 questions at no cost on their Daily Pulse surveys in the UK or US. Data is provided the following day

The Coronavirus Insight Hub

Attest is conducting regular tracking surveys of UK consumer attitudes and behaviour during the pandemic. Results and commentary are published on Attest's Coronavirus Insight Hub.

Lockdown Unlocked

Lockdown Unlocked is an insight community study from Sparkler, in partnership with Recollective and 3Gem. It brings live insights from behind the lockdown to help organisations consider how best to respond.


Video research platform Qualie is gathering the views of Australians as they adapt to life under lockdown. You can watch a growing selection of videos here.

Engine Insights is publishing  a collection of articles based on proprietary research and analytics projects.

Cubery, the automated ad and concept testing platform, is assessing the effectiveness of Covid-19 communications to understand the right tone of voice for speaking with customers.

Research agency Lewers is exploring changes in behaviour and attitude amongst Australian consumers through its 5,000-member Purple Patch insight community.

Delvinia's COVID-19 Resource Hub has a range of content including the Persona Panels research study Millennial Animated Personas and Coronavirus: Interest Trends

User research and smartphone ethnography platform dscout has launched The COVID-19 Diaries: A Portrait of American Life Through Pandemic with 45 micro-stories told using video.

Alessia Clusini of Trybes Agency shares 80 ideas and consumer trends on the future of society, culture, marketing, tech, entertainment, events, WFH, and tools to deal with the New Normal to come.

Potentiate is sharing the video of a webinar presented by Ray Poynter: What Now? | The role of brands & insights during a pandemic is analysing social media, blogs and news sites from the UK, US, Italy and China to understand how people are feeling and behaving.

Research agency Savanta is running tracking surveys of attitudes and behaviours in the UK, US and China.

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