Automated Survey Research

Automated Survey Research

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The automated surveys category spans a wide range of software capabilities and - in some cases - managed services. These platforms are sometimes called 'agile insight', 'rapid testing' or 'DIY research' solutions.

They may be simple survey tools for quick answers; template-based solutions for testing concepts, content or communications; or sophisticated platforms with features for pricing research, conjoint analysis, emotion insight and other advanced methodologies.

All tools in this category have integrated access to respondents through survey panels, publisher networks, social media, private communities or other sources. Some can also be integrated with CRM databases, smartphone apps and websites.

They also share a number of other features: self-service front-end; project management features;  analysis tools; and online tables, charts or dashboards for reporting.

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Attest is an integrated platform for rapid market feedback. Users build surveys, select a target audience and analyse results all within the platform. provides automated tools and expert support for product and pricing research: willingness to pay, share of preference, segmentation and more.


Zappi is an automated consumer insights platform for testing concepts, products, packaging, communications and advertising creative.
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