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The automated surveys category spans a wide range of software capabilities and - in some cases - managed services. These platforms are sometimes called 'agile insight', 'rapid testing' or 'DIY research' solutions.

They may be simple survey tools for quick answers; template-based solutions for testing concepts, content or communications; or sophisticated platforms with features for pricing research, conjoint analysis, emotion insight and other advanced methodologies.

All tools in this category have integrated access to respondents through survey panels, publisher networks, social media, private communities or other sources. Some can also be integrated with CRM databases, smartphone apps and websites.

They also share a number of other features: self-service front-end; project management features;  analysis tools; and online tables, charts or dashboards for reporting.

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Zappi is an automated consumer insights platform for testing concepts, products, packaging, communications and advertising creative.
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UX insight software provides automated tools and expert support for product and pricing research: willingness to pay, share of preference, segmentation and more.
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Attest is an integrated platform for rapid market feedback. Users build surveys, select a target audience and analyse results all within the platform.
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Beautiful Chaos - the Cambrian Explosion of Insight Technology

Beautiful Chaos: The Cambrian Explosion of Insight Technology

The 2019 GRIT Report shows how much rapid, chaotic and brilliant innovation is happening in insight technology. Here are some quick thoughts on what it tells us.
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DIY from black box to open book - Insight Platforms

DIY: From Black Box to Open Book

DIY research is about much more than survey software. It can also include sample access, complex analytics, real time qual and AI-based tools.
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Automated Survey Research Map Part 2

Market Map – Automated Survey Platforms Part 2

If you’re going to do a survey, you need to know where your respondents come from. Andrew Grenville’s book The Insights Revolution has some good examples that ram home the importance of knowing your sample. So where do automated survey platforms get their people from? Broadly, there are three places (excluding Bring-Your-Own / integrating with CRM …

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How 3 leading brands are adopting insight platforms

How 3 leading brands are adopting insight platforms

Mike Stevens looks at how Orange, Worldpay and Just Eat have adopted research technology platforms to transform their management of customer insight
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How to Roll Out DIY Research Platforms - Insight Platforms

How to Roll Out DIY Research Platforms

A webinar with practical guidance and 7 steps to success for insight leaders planning the rollout of agile, self-service or DIY research software. Available on-demand: register to watch instantly.
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27 of the Top Research Marketplaces - Insight Platforms

27 of the Top Research Marketplaces

Marketplace business models dominate the internet, and market research is starting to adopt them. Here are here 27 marketplace platforms for research.
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How Not to do Insight Transformation - Insight Platforms

How Not to do Insight Transformation

A webinar about the pitfalls of well intentioned digital transformation initiatives in consumer insight, analytics and market research teams.
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Assisted, guided and embedded - the future of insight & analytics - Insight Platforms

Assisted, guided and embedded: the future of insight & analytics

Mike Stevens shows how the future of market research, user research and customer experience management will be underpinned by technology platforms.
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Selecting Effective Product Claims - Featured Image - Insight Platforms

How to Select Effective Product Claims for Consumer Products

A webinar about how to choose the most compelling claims for consumer products, presented by research automation specialists
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10 Free Survey Tools for Market and User Research

10 of the most generous free survey tools for online market and user resaerch, including AYTM, QuestionPro, SoGoSurvey, Segmanta and SurveyHero.
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How Not to do Insight Transformation - Insight Platforms

How Not to Do Insight Transformation

A free ebook with five fictionalised case studies about insight transformation, with lessons to help research teams get their own change programmes right.
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How to Get Value from Your Verbatims with Autocoding - Insight Platforms

How to Get Value from Your Verbatims with Autocoding

Zappi's Data Science Product Manager explains how machine learning models can be trained to automatically code open-ended survey responses.
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Automated Survey Research - Insight Platforms

Automated Survey Research

A directory of software and services for automated survey research, and related learning resources: articles, market maps, webinars, videos and ebooks.
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The Market Research Cloud Explained - Insight Platforms

The Market Research Cloud Explained

A free white paper from Fuel Cycle that demystifies the world of market research clouds and shows how you can benefit from an integrated ecosystem.
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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Market Research Software

Five questions to ask when choosing market research software

Data analytics provider Infotools shares five key questions to ask when choosing market research software.
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attest research solutions

Insight 3.0 – Getting closer to the action

This article is based on discussions at a recent breakfast event sponsored by Attest. If you’d like to know more about this series of events, sign up for emails on the Attest website. I recently completed some work for a regulated utility supplier whose customer base – for various reasons – could only be interviewed …

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The High Cost of Cheap Sample - Maru Blue - Insight Platforms

The High Cost of Cheap Sample

A free white paper from Maru/BLUE that explores the differences between 'survey wall' sources of participants and fully managed, profiled survey panels.
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Gradually then Suddenly - post pandemic growth in research industry - Insight Platforms

Gradually, then Suddenly: Post Pandemic Growth in the Research Industry

As it adapts to life in the COVID-19 era, the research industry will see accelerated adoption of new technology. Here are seven examples.
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The Guide to Self Service Research - Insight Platforms

The Guide to Self Service Research

A free ebook from Insight Platforms and Attest, with a seven-step plan to help market research and consumer insight leaders implement research technology.
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6 Tools for Agile Automated Survey Research - Insight Platforms

6 Tools for Agile Automated Survey Research

Automated survey research is clumsy label for software that is transforming market research. Read out about 6 innovative platforms here.
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Ipsos.Digital is the automated survey research platform from Ipsos, the ...
Read More is an automated concept testing platform for products, services, ...
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Potloc is a hybrid software and services research platform that ...
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Copytesting is a solution for rapid qualitative assessment of website ...
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PriceBeam is a software platform for automated pricing research using ...
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Maru/HUB is a global research technology ecosystem delivering meaningful insights ...
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Glow is an agile research platform for quantitative surveys. Users ...
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Kantar Marketplace

Kantar Marketplace is Kantar's self-service online research platform with three ...
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Cubery is a tech-driven research and insights agency, offering end-to-end, ...
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Fastuna is an automated survey research tool for validating product ...
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citizenme UX software

Citizen Me

CitizenMe is a self-service research platform that combines surveys with ...
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SightX is an automated research and analytics platform with a ...
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poll research software

Poll & Roll

Poll & Roll is a tool for automated survey research ...
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Methodify is an automated market research platform for testing ads, ...
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OnePulse logo - Insight Platforms


OnePulse is an automated research tool for deploying micro surveys ...
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perksy market research


Perksy is a self-service consumer insights platform that focuses on ...
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survey software


easy2survey is an automated, agile surveys platform with managed services ...
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1Q market research


1Q is an automated survey tool for fielding very short ...
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kvest analytics


Kvest is an automated survey platform with a series of ...
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mysurveylab survey software


MySurveyLab is a survey platform with integrations to CINT for ...
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