Chatbots & Voice Assistants

Chatbots & Voice Assistants

The latest learning, advice and supplier profiles for chatbot & voice assistant platforms for research.


Conversational research interfaces - like messaging apps - are becoming more widespread. Chatbots can use machine learning to respond automatically to user inputs; and voice assistants use the same underlying AI models with an additional layer of speech-to-text.

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SurveySparrow is a software platform for conversational surveys and forms. Survey features include a range of question types, templates, logic and piping.
Cris chatbot


CRIS is a virtual moderator that uses AI to conduct text-based qual and quant interviews through a chat interface in a web-based messaging platform.
rivaltech chatbot

Rival Technologies

Rival Technologies develops chat, voice and video technology for agile insight communities of customers, fans and employees.
Voice Assistants for Research & Insight

Voice Assistants for Research & Insight

Research is starting to use messaging tools and chatbots. But what's up with voice assistants? Here's a brief collection of early innovators in the space.
Chatbots & Voice Assistants Research Featured Image

Market Map: Chatbots & Voice Assistants for Research

Chatbots and Voice Assistant platforms are increasingly being used for research. Here is a market of platforms built specifically for this purpose.
10 Chatbots for User and Market Research

10 Chatbots for User and Market Research

Chatbots for research are taking off: they can be quick, unobtrusive and run on websites or natively in Messaging apps. Here are 10 chatbot survey tools.

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