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The latest learning, advice and supplier profiles for insight communities, custom panels & MROCs.

An introduction to insight communities

What is an Insight Community?

Read this short guide to understand the basics about insight communities: what are they all about and what sort of project can you use them for?

How to Build a Great Insight Community

Tips and strategies to ensure you get the most value from your insight community: how to plan it properly, set it up for success and avoid making costly mistakes.

Top Insight Community Platforms

This market map shows you the main insight community platforms. Do you want hundreds or thousands of customers in a long term panel? Or a handful of people in a qualitative research sprint?

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Top Tips for Online Community Moderation & Management

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incling is a digital research platform with expert services for building and managing online insight communities in over 20 languages.



Recollective is an online platform for insight communities and qualitative research projects of any duration or size.

Q One Tech


Q One is a panel management, survey and data collection platform for both quick-turnaround studies and complex multi-wave projects.

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There are more than 30 different insight community platforms in the full directory. Search it and find your perfect software and service provider.

More insight community platforms

Together Multi Device platform

Together Platform Review

By Mike Stevens | August 31, 2018

Together is an online qualitative research and community platform from Further (formerly known as Dub). It can be used for one-off discussions or – more commonly – for multi-stage projects or communities with a series of different exercises.

10 Free Market & User Research Tools

10 Free Market & User Research Tools

By Mike Stevens | July 25, 2019

There’s a growing number of free market & user research tools that are actually quite good. This article highlights how you can use a handful of them to address a common brief.

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