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All Automated Qualitative Research

This is an emerging category with a small number of platforms. These tools use AI for chat-based qualitative discussions at scale with automated analysis using text analytics / NLP (Natural Language Processing).

    • Groupsolver

      Groupsolver is a qualitative-at-scale platform that uses conversational interfaces and AI to collect insight. Individual tools include Consensus that uses an algorithm to cluster ideas the largest number of respondents agree with; IdeaCloud that uses word cloud visualizations with text size representing real support for specific answers instead of word frequency; IdeaCluster to naturally show important themes and emerging similarities between ideas; and IntelliSegment that shows the difference in answer support between segments and their complements.

    • Quester

      Quester combines quantitative and qualitative research into a hybrid approach using a ‘linguistically-trained, AI-backed virtual moderator’ to conduct in-depth interviews with hundreds or thousands of consumers.

    • Remesh

      Remesh is a ‘large scale qualitative research platform’ that uses artificial intelligence to enhance moderation by analysing and segmenting responses in real time.

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