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This category includes simple, rapid survey tools with integrated panel sample; and platforms with broader capabilities for fully automated agile research, including products for specific research applications like ad testing, concept testing and other niche tools. All share a number of common features: a self-service front end, integrated sampling, configurable or fully customisable surveys, and integrated analysis tools with online reports or dashboards.



    Zappi helps global brands make faster and better decisions to drive business growth, shape new product development, and enhance their advertising and branding efforts. We help them predict success and disrupt their industries. The time available to businesses for decision-making has decreased, while consumers’ choice of products and their expo....



    Attest is on a mission to ensure that all companies can put real consumers and data at the heart of every decision. Through our leading scalable intelligence platform, hundreds of brands and agencies connect every day to audiences of 100 million consumers across 80 different countries, helping them get closer to consumers, innovate, win more bus....

  • 1Q

    1Q is an automated survey tool for fielding very short surveys (1-5 questions) to smartphone users in the US.

  • Appinio

    Appinio is a mobile-first automated survey platform with a proprietary panel of more than 800,000 users of the Appinio smartphone app in Germany, Switzerland, Australia, UK and the US. Additional markets can also be accessed through Appinio’s managed services team.

  • Citizen Me

    CitizenMe is a self-service research platform that combines surveys with passively-captured data from its panel of over a million users. Members can choose to exchange (for each individual data point and each individual project) their behavioural and profiling data along with their answers to surveys. The user is entirely in control, and is transparently rewarded for each exchange they make.

  • Conjoint.ly

    Conjoint.ly provides automated tools and expert support for product and pricing research including online solutions for share of preference simulation, segmentation, discrete choice experiments and prediction markets.

  • easy2survey

    easy2survey is an automated, agile surveys platform with managed services support. Standardised research products include pre-tests (for TV, radio, print, digital and outdoor); concept tests; pack tests; campaign evaluation and brand health check. Surveys can be carried out in more than 40 countries, with results available in under 24 hours. Users of the platform configure their survey and target audience using either an online wizard or by speaking to a project manager. Once the survey is complete, results are available Read more [...]

  • Frontier7

    Frontier7 is an automated research and analytics platform with a surveys capability (to existing customers or with direct access to global on-line panels); unsupervised machine learning for automatic customer segmentations, modelling and prediction; and text / sentiment analysis tools for analysing product reviews, customer feedback forms or open-ended survey questions.

  • Gauge Insights

    Gauge Insights is a self-service surveys platform with optional professional services. Respondents come from a proprietary panel (users of the Gauge app) and third party panels. The tool includes a survey builder, audience profile builder and reporting tools.

  • Google Surveys

    Google offers two survey products: Surveys and Surveys 360. The Surveys product includes a survey builder for questionnaires of up to 10 questions; audience targeting (respondents are drawn from a publisher network); and online reporting tools. Surveys 360 includes advanced audience re-targeting and support services.

  • Gorkana Surveys

    Gorkana is a real-time research tool for UK PR agencies. Instant polls and surveys can be asked for as little as £10 to a UK network of over 4 million respondents. Rresults can be available within minutes.

  • GutCheck

    GutCheck is a managed service providing a range of agile research solutions: ‘Explore’ (online qual, mobile ethnography); ‘Build’ (concept testing, refinement and pricing); and ‘Communicate’ (ad pre testing). The GutCheck ‘Constellation’ tool delivers integrated analytics combining survey data with behavioural data from CRM, social and transactional sources.

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