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This category includes simple, rapid survey tools with integrated panel sample; and platforms with broader capabilities for fully automated agile research, including products for specific research applications like ad testing, concept testing and other niche tools. All share a number of common features: a self-service front end, integrated sampling, configurable or fully customisable surveys, and integrated analysis tools with online reports or dashboards.



    Zappi helps global brands make faster and better decisions to drive business growth, shape new product development, and enhance their advertising and branding efforts. We help them predict success and disrupt their industries. The time available to businesses for decision-making has decreased, while consumers’ choice of products and their expo....



    Attest is on a mission to ensure that all companies can put real consumers and data at the heart of every decision. Through our leading scalable intelligence platform, hundreds of brands and agencies connect every day to audiences of 100 million consumers across 80 different countries, helping them get closer to consumers, innovate, win more bus....

  • Kvest

    Kvest is a automated survey platform with a series of standardised approaches including concept, video, design, ad, logo, name, claims and cover tests. Users configure surveys and results are published to online dashboards. The tool is only available in German.

  • Maru/usurv

    Maru/Usurv is both a self-serve and assisted service platform for conducting fast turnaround surveys with consumers in the UK. With access to 4m consumers and turnaround times ‘within hours’, the software includes a survey builder, audience selection / profiling tools and online charts and tables of results.

  • Methodify

    Methodify is an automated market research platform for testing ads, concepts, product designs, pricing strategies and user experience. research products include both proprietary techniques and tools from partner agencies such as Kantar TNS and element54.

  • MFour

    MFour is both a self-service and managed service platform for conducting mobile surveys with a panel of 2 million U.S. consumers. Respondents opt-in by downloading the ‘Surveys on the Go’ smartphone app, and panel members can be targeted using 200 demographic profile variables, 12.5 million U.S. locations and 750,000 daily store visits.

  • MySurveyLab

    MySurveyLab is a survey platform with integrations to CINT for access to millions of panel respondents globally, and other connections for Slack, Salesforce and Zendesk for automated surveys to existing customers and leads. All plans include unlimited surveys and questions; higher price plans have more sophisticated survey features (including advanced skip logic, piping and quota controls); more flexible design / white-label options; a wider choice of third party integrations; and unlimited numbers of responses. Survey templates are available for standardised Read more [...]

  • Nuaxia

    Nuaxia is a specialist insight platform that connects healthcare providers and researchers with healthcare practitioners and experts in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. The community includes more than 1 million physicians. Research tools include live video interviews, ‘micro engagements’ for short smartphone surveys and facial coding to capture System 1 responses.

  • OnePulse

    OnePulse is an automated research tool for deploying micro surveys of up to three questions. Answer options can be text, single/ multi choice, image or video. Respondents are OnePulse smartphone app users in the UK and US, and can be targeted with over 60 behavioural and attitudinal data points. Results appear ‘in seconds’, answers can be filtered by data point and individual respondents can even be re-accessed with further questions. The tool also has built-in sentiment analysis for open-ended questions.

  • Opeepl

    Opeepl is a self-service platform for mobile survey research amongst smartphone owners, with respondents targeted in native apps rather than drawn from survey panels. Projects can be created from scratch in the survey builder or with templates for concept testing, brand tracking or ad tracking. Users select their target audience and Opeepl’s ‘proprietary Dynamic Sampling technology’ gives access to up to 550 million consumers (smartphone users) in more than 150 countries. Surveys with 500 respondents normally complete within 5 hours, Read more [...]

  • Perksy

    Perksy is a self-service consumer insights platform that focuses on research with Millennials and Gen-Z consumers. Panel members sign up through the Perksy smartphone app and take surveys to earn rewards. The survey builder includes 10 question types with a customisable design options and conditional logic; audiences can be targeted using 35 demographic variables, location, mobile behaviours and social profile data; results can be analysed in real time using data visualisation tools or exported for further analysis.

  • PickFu

    PickFu is a simple, fast ‘A/B survey’ testing tool aimed at e-commerce and digital marketers. It includes options to test a single idea, 2 ideas head-to-head or 3+ ideas in a ranked poll. sample sizes are typically 50 / 100 / 200, and results are returned ‘within minutes’.

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