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This category includes simple, rapid survey tools with integrated panel sample; and platforms with broader capabilities for fully automated agile research, including products for specific research applications like ad testing, concept testing and other niche tools. All share a number of common features: a self-service front end, integrated sampling, configurable or fully customisable surveys, and integrated analysis tools with online reports or dashboards.



    Zappi helps global brands make faster and better decisions to drive business growth, shape new product development, and enhance their advertising and branding efforts. We help them predict success and disrupt their industries. The time available to businesses for decision-making has decreased, while consumers’ choice of products and their expo....



    Attest is on a mission to ensure that all companies can put real consumers and data at the heart of every decision. Through our leading scalable intelligence platform, hundreds of brands and agencies connect every day to audiences of 100 million consumers across 80 different countries, helping them get closer to consumers, innovate, win more bus....

  • Pilot.ly

    Pilot.ly is an automated research platform for testing consumer responses to video content: films & trailers, episodic and promos / ads. Features include surveys that capture feedback before, during and after screening (mid-screening questions appear in-video, and content is paused until the user completes the question); sentiment dial (like / dislike); and ‘dynamic qual’ (auto-creation of open ended questions based on survey answers).

  • Poll & Roll

    Poll & Roll is a tool for automated survey research in France. Users create surveys from scratch or modify existing best practice templates for concept testing, ad testing or customer satisfaction; they then select their target sample using gender, age, region and socio-economic criteria; results are available for analysis in real time in online charts and tables, which can be exported to PowerPoint or Excel. An interactive demo is available online.

  • Pollfish

    Pollfish is a self-service platform for conducting surveys with smartphone users globally. Respondents are targeted through the mobile ad ecosystem and are not members of research panels. The software includes a target audience builder with demographic, geolocation and mobile usage criteria; a survey builder with 10 question types, skip logic and randomisation; and online reporting tools to sort, filter and analyse data in real time.

  • Pop Research

    PopResearch is an automated research platform for testing and tracking advertising. Standardised research tools include ‘ComparisonPop’ for measuring the response of different consumer groups; ‘CreativePop’ for gauging the appeal of a creative idea or execution; ‘TrackingPop’ to measure brand and ad performance over time; and ‘CustomPop’ for tailored questions to a target audience.

  • Qriously

    Qriously replaces ads in smartphone apps with surveys for real-time research. Banner ads are shown to users with a question to drive engagement; users then answer the survey natively within their app, typically answering 15 questions; answers are available in real-time through a reporting dashboard.

  • Quantilope

    Quantilope is an agile insights platform for both ad hoc surveys and template-driven research. Questionnaires can be built from scratch in a drag & drop editor using a question library and custom branding. More than 35 standardised tools are also available to gather feedback for marketing, product management, demand planning, HR, business development and consulting. Tools include ad pretests, idea screeners, concept tests, pack tests and brand health surveys with real-time analytics available in online interactive reports.

  • Response: AI

    Response: AI is an automated research platform with survey templates for testing ads and creative; products and services; pack designs; measuring brand equity and campaign effectiveness; and testing price sensitivity.

  • Samplify

    Samplify is a free DIY survey platform for use with Research NowÕs consumer survey panel. It features a drag-and-drop survey creation tool, reporting and visualisation capabilities, advanced question types and branching / piping.

  • SoundOut

    SoundOut is an automated content testing solution. Any type of digital media (video, audio, messaging, imagery) can be uploaded and tested on-demand with any consumer demographic. A review panel of 2,000,000 members in 25 countries provides detailed feedback and ratings to help test and validate creative, brand positioning, messaging, packaging and product prototypes. Normalised and benchmarked results are automatically delivered in as little as 12 hours. Interactive reports and raw data can be shared, downloaded or exported via web links, Read more [...]

  • Survata

    Survata is a self-service research platform that leverages ‘survey walls’ (gated content on publisher sites that visitors ‘pay’ for by taking surveys) as well as research panels. The platform is used for both ad measurement (through DMP integrations with Adobe, Liveramp and Oracle) and custom market research.

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