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Crowdsourcing is a very broad category. It includes platforms for co-creation and innovation management; crowd-testing tools with large panels of software testers who give feedback on apps or products as they are being developed; play-testing platforms whose members give feedback on games in development; real-time consumer feedback tools that collect feedback from smartphone users; and mystery shopping, POS and in-store audit tools – again using armies of smartphone-equipped assessors.

  • Applause

    Applause is a crowdtesting platform that connects apps, websites, IoT products and in-store experiences to uTest, the worldÕs largest community of over 300,000 digital experience quality experts. Add to Shortlist

  • Bemyeye

    Bemyeye is a crowdsourced research platform with more than 600k on-demand data gatherers across Europe to help with supermarket stock-checks, retailer compliance tracking, mystery shopping and consumer durables category intelligence. Add to Shortlist

  • Field Agent

    Field Agent is a crowdsourcing platform for mobile audits, mystery shopping and market research. A panel of smartphone users supplies answers to business questions using photo, video and survey questions about products, stores, and customers. Add to Shortlist

  • Gigwalk

    Gigwalk is a tool for real-time crowdsourced research. An on-demand mobile workforce is available for tasks and projects such as comparing actual versus planned execution with products and services in stores, restaurants and dealerships. Includes dashboard and analytics, GPS and time-&-date-verified work and photo analysis tools. Add to Shortlist

  • Global App Testing

    Crowdsourced app testing in over 100 countries, with exploratory testing (testers explore apps or websites to find reproducible bugs in less than 48 hours); test case execution (testers confirm a checklist outlining features and paths through an app or website); and localised testing (localised testers discover why an app isn’t performing in almost any location). Add to Shortlist

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