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Crowdsourcing is a very broad category. It includes platforms for co-creation and innovation management; crowd-testing tools with large panels of software testers who give feedback on apps or products as they are being developed; play-testing platforms whose members give feedback on games in development; real-time consumer feedback tools that collect feedback from smartphone users; and mystery shopping, POS and in-store audit tools – again using armies of smartphone-equipped assessors.

    • Streetbees

      Streetbees is a managed service, tech platform and crowd panel of ‘bees’ who can be engaged at very short notice to gather real-time insights in markets around the world. Projects gather consumer data, photos and videos directly from the Streetbees community in 87 countries wth applications including real-time opinion polling and live retail intelligence.

    • Testbirds

      Testbirds offers crowdtesting & cloud-based solutions for optimising digital products and experiences including websites, shops, portals, mobile apps, games and internet-of-things applications. A panel of 250,000 crowdtesters worldwide can be selected using more than 60 demographic criteria.

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