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All Dashboards Visualisation and Infographics

This category includes automated research reporting platforms for creating online, PPT or PDF charts automatically from data (usually tables or CSV); dashboards for analysing and visualising large datasets, some of which also have broader Business Intelligence capabilities; and infographic design / publishing tools.

    • Dapresy

      Dapresy Pro is a reporting solution for market research and customer experience data with 4 components: ‘Connect’ for importing raw survey data via API or FTP from all major survey platforms and formats; ‘Configure’ for weighting, meta data cleaning, computing variables, nets and hundreds of other transformations; ‘Report’ through standard cross tables, PowerPoint, PDF, or interactive infographic dashboards; ‘Deliver’ with customised views for different users.

    • Data Liberation

      Data Liberation specialises in automated reporting for market research survey data. The company provides software and professional services for building interactive dashboards and automatic reports in PowerPoint, Excel and PDF. Key features include online javascript charting in dashboards; ‘Deck Creator’ for publishing entire PowerPoint reports with custom filters and cross-breaks; and ‘TopLine Reporter’ for building individual charts and tables. All dashboards and reports can be designed with fully customised colour palettes, chart formats, layouts and branding.

    • E-Tabs

      E-Tabs offers services and software for automating PowerPoint, Word and Excel reports. Options include full, bespoke auto-charting setups; embedded PowerPoint plug-ins ‘Graphique’ and ‘Vizualz’ for instant charting and infographic creation; ‘IRIS’ dashboard creation tool; and bureau services for report production and data visualisation consultancy.

    • Office Reports

      OfficeReports is a software tool for automated analytics, reporting and data visualisations through Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. The ‘Analytics’ module adds a cross-tab tool in Excel with imports SPSS, SurveyMonkey or SurveyGizmo for creating interactive banner tables and statistical tests including T-Test, Z-test and correlation. The ‘Infographics’ module connects PowerPoint presentations with Excel workbooks to keep PowerPoint tables, charts and shapes up-to-date with data from Excel. The ‘Automation’ module combines Analytics and InfoGraphics in a single UI for managing PowerPoint Read more [...]

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