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Insight communities are software tools and managed services for recruiting consumers to a ‘walled garden’ environment where they take part in surveys, discussions or other feedback activities. Communities can be short term (days / weeks) or continuous and vary in scale from small qualitative groups through to very large custom panels of thousands of participants.

    • chaordix

      Chaordix provides services and a platform for community-based co-creation involving customers, consumers and employees. The platform toolkit includes interactive activities including quizzes, polls and quick questions; surveys, photo pickers, choose and rank; storytelling, discussions and open workspaces. Multi-channel communications options inlcude email and newsletters, social media integration, direct messaging and personalized alerts. Services include innovation programme design and community management / moderation.

    • CMNTY

      CMNTY is a software platform for insight communities. Key features include member segmentation based on feedback or behavioral data; co-creation and research tools including forum discussions, chat sessions, idea contests, or personal diaries; incentive management; fully customisable look & feel; analysis tools for poll & questionnaire data; lightweight mobile version for ultra fast loading on slow connections; push notifications; and location tagging of content.

    • Crowdtap

      Crowdtap is a specialist platform for building social communities of consumers and influencers. Members contribute feedback, help with idea development and create content for brands. The underlying tech platform – Suzy – can also be used for standalone research communities. It features polls, surveys and focus group discussions.

    • Crowdtech

      Crowdtech is an insight community research platform for both short term pop-up communities and long term panels. Community features include crowdsourcing and co-creation tools, forums, video and polls. The survey engine supports simple and complex designs, routing, live dashboards and reporting, full design customisation and more than 20 question types.

    • Cspace

      Cspace provides on-going insight communities of c. 500 members with managed services, research consulting and a proprietary technology platform.

    • Digsite

      Digsite is a qualitative research platform with an integrated consumer panel. ‘Sprints’ are rapid projects using brainstorm, co-creation and product or ad testing tools.

    • Field Notes

      Field Notes is a platform for always-on qualitative communities. Participants use their smartphone app to provide video feedback in real time.

    • FlexMR

      FlexMR is research platform with a flexible combination of tools from quick polls to longitudinal communities. Features include live chat, live online focus groups, question boards, blogs, forums, smartboards, brainstorms, scrapbooks, open polls, diaries, journals, surveys and native app. The FlexMR team provides managed services for software support as well as full service research design and analysis.

    • Fuel Cycle

      Fuel Cycle is a continuous research platform for both qualitative and quantitative insights. Communities of existing customers can be built using the Customer Insights Platform; non-customers can be accessed through the Fuel Cycle Insights Panel; quantitative surveys are available through partnerships with Qualtrics and Survey Gizmo; native qualitative tools include discussions, focus groups, videos and photo-based activities; and the Fuel Cycle Exchange brings access to 15 additional third party resarch apps including VoxPopMe, Affectiva, Pilotly and Remesh.

    • Icanmakeitbetter

      Icanmakeitbetter is an insight community and feedback platform with integrated surveys, live chat, focus groups, discussion forums, digital journals, ideation, and panel management. Communities can be launched using drag & drop tools without custom coding; groups can be open or private, with 10 to 10,000 participants supported; quant tools include survey templates and question libraries; access is via mobile web app with options for rich media uploads, digital diaries and mobile ethnography; and basic quant / qual reporting is available Read more [...]

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