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Platform Category: Insight Communities, Mobile Ethnography and Online Focus Groups and ForumsPlatform Tags: bulletin boards, Co-creation, discussion forum, in the moment, long term community, mobile communities, mobile ethnography, mobile qualitative, MROC, online diaries, qualitative research and short term community

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  • We are digital research experts who specialise in building engaging online communities of all shapes and sizes to generate powerful consumer insight.

    Our proprietary platform has been built by researchers and incling’s own in-house developers. We can set up new platforms in under 24 hours, securely hosted in over 20 languages, and all fully optimised for mobile with a customisable design.

    You can choose a self-service option, or we offer support every step of the way from set-up and recruitment, to translation, moderation and participant management.

    You’ll have unlimited access to a full range of tools, carefully designed to be intuitive and engaging, and we’re constantly innovating to take advantage of new technology.

    Here’s a brief overview of our most popular activities:

    Discussion: Detailed group or one-on-one text-based feedback in a blog, forum or debate style

    Screencast: Remote usability testing of websites and prototypes for experience optimisation, journey mapping and shopper tracking

    Diary: Record consumer experiences over a period of time in an ethnographic way including tracking attitudes & behaviours and observing usage & consumption

    Concept evaluation: Targeted feedback generating a sentiment heat map on any type of stimulus from adverts at any stage, to comms and product packaging

    Image & Video tasks: Bring consumers’ worlds to life with rich media uploads that create picture galleries and video clip reels to visually support your insights

    Poll: Quantify or add robustness to data with simple surveys, customer satisfaction feedback, ranking and ratings or attitudinal scales

    Once you’ve gathered your insight, our built-in analysis tools give you the ability to star and highlight comments, add tags and share notes. These are collated in an analysis dashboard where you can filter and sort your data before easily exporting.

    incling is ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant.

  • 2 Reviews on “incling”

    1. holly inceholly ince incling
      Overall Rating:

      The Incling team are always above and beyond professional whilst being friendly, accommodating and a joy to work with. It’s impressive how they continue to innovate their platform and provide project management support in leveraging the platform to meet our research objective, all the while being user-friendly for our clients and participant

    2. Giulia RomanòGiulia Romanò incling
      Overall Rating:

      I love working with Incling, the platform is great, intuitive and easy to use.
      It allows you to build a variety of tasks and activities to boost engagement and participation, getting valuable insights quickly and efficiently.
      The Incling team are amazing and real partners throughout the research process; they bring to the table expertise and passion and they are always approachable and willing to go the extra mile to support us and ensure we meet our objectives .

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