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Insight communities are software tools and managed services for recruiting consumers to a ‘walled garden’ environment where they take part in surveys, discussions or other feedback activities. Communities can be short term (days / weeks) or continuous and vary in scale from small qualitative groups through to very large custom panels of thousands of participants.


    Q One Tech

    Q One Tech is a market research software development company. Q One is a panel management, survey and UX research/data collection platform, built by researchers for researchers to execute both simple quick-turn-around studies through to complex, multi-wave projects. The WOW factor for Q One platform is its quote-to-cash design, giving users f....



    We are digital research experts who specialise in building engaging online communities of all shapes and sizes to generate powerful consumer insight. Our proprietary platform has been built by researchers and incling’s own in-house developers. We can set up new platforms in....



    Recollective is an online platform for insight communities and qualitative research. Developed in partnership with customers to meet complex and changing research needs, it is intuitive enough for any agency or client-side user suitable for projects and communities of any duration or size available for self-service (software-only) project-manag....

  • inconvo

    inconvo is a conversational insight platform. It can be used to turn audiences into communities, generate insights, capture and share the audience’s opinion and deliver news and content. The technology uses the audience’s existing channels (messaging tools, social media, websites and mobile apps) for discussions, questions and feedback.

  • Insightrix Communities

    Insightrix provides online community and panel software with both qualitative and quantitative research tools including digital diaries, co-creation and crowdsourcing activities, bulletin boards, polls, surveys, real time reports, responsive design, custom branding, multimedia, social features and panel health monitoring. Support services are available for training and technical help.

  • Insights.us

    Insights.us is an advisory board platform and managed service. Customers take part in online discussions, answering questions with free text. Machine learning algorithms identify and group similar statements; participants verify these groupings and propose further insights; the Insights.us research team then reviews the insights and finalises the output to the client.

  • Kernwert

    Kernwert is provides software for online qualitative market research including focus groups, blogs and diaries, forums and communities. Tools include forum & bulletin board, blog & photo album, collage and mood boards, touch-tool for visual responses, questionnaires for structured polling, like-dislike markers with comments, live chat & interviews and webcam meetings for video interviews and video-online focus groups. Additional features include the option to connect any research tools with any other (for instance mobile diaries can be linked to discussions Read more [...]

  • krealinks

    Krealinks is an insight community platform with services for research design, project management and analysis. Key features of the platform include bulletin boards (for asynchronous groups), blogs, discussion forums, open innovation forums for co-creation, chat-based focus groups, video groups and polls.

  • Liveloop

    Liveloop is a qualitative community research platform for between 30 and 500 participants. Tools include picture tasks, video blogs and video discussions via webcam.

  • Liveminds

    Liveminds is a qualitative research platform for hosting one-to-one or group conversations, task-based activities and diaries. Web and native iPhone / Android apps run in 33 languages and support rich media stimulus, custom branding and video capture. In additiona, managed servives are offered for project setup, moderation and recruitment.

  • Platform One

    Platform One is an integrated insight community software solution that supports quant, qual, individual, group and creative project-types on web or native smartphone apps. Key features include fully customisable portals; unlimited participant numbers; gamified incentive options with both cash and reputation points; native iOS and Android apps with offline task completion; and analytics, visualisations and dashboards.

  • Quenchtec

    The QuenchTec Community system works for small online communities as well as large access panels. In addition to community and panel features, a multi-model survey solution and analytics platform (Superdig) is available.

  • Questback

    Questback is a feedback and engagement tool for both large panels and small pop-up communities. Features include responsive surveys, location-based feedback, event-triggered surveys through smartphone apps, content management, sampling, panelist recruitment and rewards tools.

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