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Insight communities are software tools and managed services for recruiting consumers to a ‘walled garden’ environment where they take part in surveys, discussions or other feedback activities. Communities can be short term (days / weeks) or continuous and vary in scale from small qualitative groups through to very large custom panels of thousands of participants.


    Q One Tech

    Q One Tech is a market research software development company. Q One is a panel management, survey and UX research/data collection platform, built by researchers for researchers to execute both simple quick-turn-around studies through to complex, multi-wave projects. The WOW factor for Q One platform is its quote-to-cash design, giving users f....



    We are digital research experts who specialise in building engaging online communities of all shapes and sizes to generate powerful consumer insight. Our proprietary platform has been built by researchers and incling’s own in-house developers. We can set up new platforms in....



    Recollective is an online platform for insight communities and qualitative research. Developed in partnership with customers to meet complex and changing research needs, it is intuitive enough for any agency or client-side user suitable for projects and communities of any duration or size available for self-service (software-only) project-manag....

  • Revelation

    Revelation is a qualitative community tool and part of the FocusVision software suite. Communities can be launched quickly to test ads, concepts or packaging; social media like features include posting comments and images to a live feed and interacting with other participants; research tools help capture in-the-moment insights with web and mobile diaries, one-time activities and discussions; and reporting features include image and video galleries, word clouds and word trees.


    Rival Technologies

    Rival Technologies develops chat, voice and video technology for the mobile-first generation. Our platform makes it super easy to create mobile agile communities of customers, fans and employees you can engage for insight. Instead of traditional online surveys, you create chats—conversational surveys that can be deployed through social media, SMS and popular messaging apps. Our technology rivals traditional sources of data by allowing you to engage your customers in more personal, engaging and fun conversations.

  • SKOPOS Connect

    Skopos Connect is a specialist provider of short term and long term insight communities. Project managers and researchers help build and run communities using a mix of proprietary technology and APIs with third party survey tools. A professional services team provides as much research support as required; or the technology can be used on a software-only basis. The company specialises in German-speaking markets.

  • visioncritical

    Vision Critical is an insight community software platform for managing long term, large scale custom panels. Native features inlcude surveys, forum discussions, social community features and participant communiction tools. Extended features are available through integrations with SurveyGizmo for sophisticated surveys and Remesh for AI_driven qualitative doscussions and analytics.

  • Web Creator Suite

    Web Community Creator is a forum tool with social featutres that mirror pinterest and facebook. Users post updates, engage in discussiosn and upload media. Text analysis tools can be used to tag, filter, and highlight comments.

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