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Mobile ethnography platforms are used to capture in-context insights from users and consumers through their smartphone. Feedback options include text inputs, polls / surveys, image capture, video response and even screen capture for understanding user experience of an app or website.

  • Contextmapp

    Contextmapp is a mobile research and ethnography solution for customer journey mapping, mobile diaries and co-creation projects. Add to Shortlist

  • Crowdlab

    Crowdlab is a smartphone app-based research tool. Features include surveys with full routing and piping; repeatable diaries and forums; photo, video and audio uploads; community tasks such as group discussions, one-to-ones and ÔblindÕ tasks; real time dashboards for live project management tracking; and reports with filters, tags and export options. Managed service support is available for coding and tabulation, translation and transcription and live moderator support on foreign language discussions. Add to Shortlist

  • dscout

    dscout is a smartphone diary research tool. Users take part in “missions” in which they capture their everyday experiences, and can be found from dscout’s pool of over 100K ‘scouts’ in North America and the UK, or recruited separately. Results can be reviewed, tagged and analysed in a shared online portal. Add to Shortlist

  • ethos

    Ethos is a smartphone ethnography solution for capturing experiences in-the-moment. Features and tools include analysis workspaces for automated theming and clustering, unlimited and uncompressed media entries, and support for over 20 languages. DIY or full service suport is available to help both moderators and participants with on-boarding, technical support or analysis. Add to Shortlist

  • Indeemo

    Indeemo (shorthand for Ôin de momentÕ) is a smartphone app for mobile qualitative and ethnographic research. It is a hybrid managed service and DIY solution, and is used for getting quick, contextual insights and feedback through four types of input: photo, video, open text and mobile screen recording. Add to Shortlist

  • Over the Shoulder

    Over the Shoulder is a smartphone ethnography and qualitative research app for mobile journaling/diary studies, capturing in-context behaviours, documenting how consumers shop different categories and tracking activities over time. Features include surveys, photo and video uploads, geo-location triggers and tagging, mobile screen capture and custom branding. Reporting is via an online portal and includes automated video transcriptions, tagging capabilities and search / sort functionality. Managed services are available for recruitment, design and project management. Add to Shortlist

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