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Neuromarketing platforms encompass a wide range of applications to capture unconscious / implicit / emotional responses. Specific approaches include eye-tracking; facial coding; implicit response survey tools; biometric sensors for heart rate, EEG / brain scanning, galvanic skin response and breath measurement; NLP / text analytics; and other niche capabilities.

    • Affect Tag

      Affect Tag is a smartband for capturing physiological reactions and analysing emotions with a desktop visualization tool for real-time tracking of metrics.

    • Beyond Verbal

      Beyond Verbal analyses raw vocal intonations to determine emotional valence, arousal and temper. Responses can be classified into one of 11 major mood groups.

    • BitBrain

      Bitbrain offers mobile neuromarketing laboratories that can be configured to specific needs. Tools include EEGs, Biosensors, Eye-Trackers and indoor positioning systems.

    • Chromo

      Chromo uses machine learning to measure user activation and valence levels from their touch gestures on smartphone screens.

    • Cool Tool

      Cooltool is an automated cloud-based NeuroLab that includes eye tracking, emotion measurement, brain activity (EEG), mouse tracking, and surveys, which can be used separately or together.

    • Crowd Emotion

      Crowd Emotion is an Emotion AI platform that deploys three connected tools to measure unconscious responses to content: eye-tracking to measure attention, facial coding to understand engagement and implicit response testing to quantify memorability.

    • Emaww

      Emaww has developed a solution that measures a user’s emotional state based on their touchscreen behaviour (firmness, and speed of hand gestures).

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