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  • Affect Tag

    Affect Tag is a smartband for capturing physiological reactions and analysing emotions with a desktop visualization tool for real-time tracking of metrics.

  • Affinio

    Affinio is an ‘Interest Analytics Platform’ that uses machine learning to find naturally-forming interest-based segments in any audience. Using data on audience interests, affinities or content consumption, data-driven personas can be built that combine psychographic and demographic data. These can then be used for content marketing or targeting using keywords, hashtags, images, influencers, and media.

  • Aha!

    Aha! provides a qualitative research platform and optional research & consulting services to help with study design, project management, recruiting and analysis. Training and tech support is also provided for the research platform, which features pre-built and customized activities for projective techniques (such as a collage tool, storytelling and fill-in-the-blank tasks); ‘Dynamic Canvas’ visual research exercises with image upload, stimulus manipulation, and markup tools; video capture and upload with automated transcripts; and social tools including pinboard, wishing wall and newsfeed.

  • Alteryx

    Alteryx Designer is a data science and machine learning platform. Key features include a drag and drop environment for data blending and advanced analytics; input/output management for accessing locally, in the cloud, or third-party systems; preparation tools that eliminate the need for SQL coding; join tools to connect multiple sources of data; over 50 prepackaged tools for widely used predictive analytics procedures; investigation tools to understand the shape of datasets; and parse & transform tools for changing data formats.

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