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  • Appsee

    Appsee’s app analytics platform provides in-depth analysis of users’ in-app behaviour. User session recordings help understand exactly how apps are used and which problems are found. Aggregated touch heatmaps of gestures performed in each_ _screen are created to visualise user navigation and interaction preferences. Crash reports, real time analytics and alerts are also available.

  • Ascribe

    Ascribe provides services and software to code and analyse verbatim comments from resaerch surveys. ‘Inspector’ is a software product for fully automated coding of open-ended survey responses and verbatim comments from surveys, emails, call centers and social media. Based on NLP, it can integrate with structured data, features a reporting dashboard of concepts and sentiment and can handle multiple languages. The firm also provides verbatim coding services on a project or long term basis.

  • Askable

    Askable is an online platform for managing recruitment, scheduling, communication and incentive distribution for face-to-face UX research and focus groups. User or respondent specifications are submitted though an online form; participants are ready in 72 hours. Markets covered include UK, Australia,

  • Askia

    Askia provides a survey platform for face to face, telephone, web or mobile interviewing together with an analysis package with full statistical functionality. A single platform is used for designing all types of questionnaires; complex filter logic, extendable question formats, templates and question libraries are available; and analysis tools support continuous data for tracking, open integration with other sources and complex visualisations.

  • AskNicely

    AskNicely is customer experience feedback software with surveys triggered on websites and sent via email or SMS. It Integrates with CRM platforms such as Salesforce to trigger feedback requests after specific events or timeframes, and offers survey logic for multi-question surveys, custom branding and multiple language support. Live reports and dashboards are available online, in TV format for call centres and via a smartphone app. Text analytics can summarise open-ended responses and identify common factors amongst NPS promoters or detractors. Read more [...]

  • Atlas.ti

    ATLAS.ti is desktop software for qualitative analysis of textual, graphical, audio and video data. The tool supports all major formats of text, with fully automated searches across documents, auto-coding, and semantic meaning extraction. Most graphic, audio and video formats are also supported. Exploratory analysis tools include word clouds, word frequency tables and drag and drop text coding; visualisations include a digital mind map.

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