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  • Wizu

    Wizu is a conversational surveys platform with an emphasis on customer experience feedback. Question formats include open text, sliders, ratings and multiple choice as well as survey templates for NPS, CES and CSAT. Machine learning helps to personalise questions based on prior responses or existing customer data. Survey bots are embedded on websites and the look and feel can be fully customised; integrations with Salesforce and global research panels are also available. Data analysis is in real-time dashboards with text Read more [...]

  • Wonderflow

    Wonderflow applies text analytics to customer experience feedback data. Sentiment analysis tools determine what customers like or dislike; a proprietary “Relevance” algorithm reveals what drives customers to buy products; and trends tools monitor price and rating fluctuations.

  • Wootric

    Wootric is a tool for asking single question micro-surveys to measure the customer experience (Net Promoter Score, CSAT, Customer Effort Score etc), with folllow-up open-end responses. Surveys can be served inside your SaaS platforms, mobile apps, websites, emails or in SMS messages. The software has a wide range of integrations (Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Mixpanel, Zapier) and in-built text analytics for auto-tagging comments in surveys.

  • Wordstat

    WordStat is desktop software for content analysis and text mining. It features rapid extraction of themes and trends,  integration with SimStat for statistical data analysis and QDA Miner for qualitative data analysis. It is used for content analysis of open-ended responses from interview or focus group transcripts; business and competitor intelligence; information extraction from incident reports and customer complaints; automatic tagging and classification of documents; and taxonomy development and validation.

  • Wyzerr

    Wyzerr is a mobile survey solution with gamified features, developed by gamers and designers to ensure maximum engagement. data caputre is via ‘Smart Forms’ – playful question interfaces using bubbles, quadrants, visual grids, orbit layouts and free text inputs. Visualizations and survey health metrics are published to dashboards in real time.

  • YesInsights

    YesInsights offers ‘simple one question and NPS surveys to improve your business’. Surveys can be sent in emails with clickable responses embedded in the message itself; or they can be triggered on websites with a single line of code. The whole idea is to be simple, visual and direct to maximise response rates; the platform focuses on capturing quick feedback. Integrations are available through zapier.

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