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Prediction Markets

Prediction markets are a specific type of crowdsourcing approach. They are used as alternative forecasting methods for political, sporting and financial predictions, and are regulated under gambling rules in some markets. For research purposes, there are several models: some involve auction-like approaches and others require participants to spend real money in order to more accurately simulate likely uptake of new products and services.

    • Consensus Point

      Consensus Point provides prediction market research, analytics, and software to research firms and brands. A prediction algorithm combines with a gamified user interface and a target audience / crowd to predict future trends, events, and market preferences.

    • Cultivate Labs

      CultivateLabs is a crowd-driven forecasting platform for use with employees, customers or other stakeholders. Unlimited forecasts and anonymous comments can be captured, with real-time trend visualizations and stats to show consensus probabilistic outcomes. The platform has full self-service controls for question creation, judgment, and other site management; native iOS and Android applications are also available.

    • Prediki

      Prediki is a forecast market platform that generates predictions using answers from crowds of users, employees, customers or experts. Numeric forecasts can be combined with text analytics of verbatim responses and a live dashboard shows results in real-time as a project progresses.

    • Veylinx

      The Veylinx platform is an online auction for measuring real purchase intent. Consumers bid to spend their own money, so they have real skin in the game, providing realistic forecasts of uptake at initial idea, concept, product test and launch stages of development.

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