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Research and Knowledge Management

Research and knowledge management platforms are used for storing, analysing and sharing project inputs and outputs. They include tools for survey data consolidation, analysis and charting; product research management tools for UX / user research; qualitative data analysis tools – frequently used for academic and social research as well as commercial qualitative research; and broad knowledge management / workflow platforms.

    • Altiar

      Altiar is an ‘insight hub’ software platform for managing and distriibuting research content. Features include ‘Discover’ (full content search within documents, tag summaries and related document views); ‘Transform’ (custom design and categorization, dynamic content pages for different groups of users, automated imports and feed aggregation); ‘Manage’ (versioning tools and granular user permissions, usage statistics and auditing, enterprise controls); and ‘Integrate’ (Single Sign On, compliance & governance tools).

    • Atlas.ti

      ATLAS.ti is desktop software for qualitative analysis of textual, graphical, audio and video data. The tool supports all major formats of text, with fully automated searches across documents, auto-coding, and semantic meaning extraction. Most graphic, audio and video formats are also supported. Exploratory analysis tools include word clouds, word frequency tables and drag and drop text coding; visualisations include a digital mind map.

    • Aurelius

      Aurelius is a user research and insights platform for design and product teams. Features include tagging, grouping, synthesising and searching user research documents.

    • Bloomfire

      Bloomfire is an online insight management platform for research teams. Core features include search, with all documents indexed for finding content within PDFs, Word documents and even words spoken in videos; browse, with multiple levels of categorization supported by author, group, or custom categories; curate – analyze what is being used and update content that is no longer relevant; and embed with centralised reporting of Tableau charts within the platform.

    • CubeYou

      CubeYou is a tool for integrating consumer data sources in one place: social media statistics, syndicated studies, government surveys and ad hoc research studies. Data from published sources can be searched by demographics, consumption habits, personalities or interest groups; AI tools help to conslidate insights from multiple sources; and data visualisations can be created in the platform and exported to PDF or PPT.

    • Decision Advancer

      Decision Advancer is a tool for stakeholder and research programme management. Features help to document briefing processes; align with internal users; share briefs with team members or suppliers; and dociument best practices. ‘Project Portfolio Management’ tools help to measure how insights are used, identify knowledge gaps and support resource allocation and budgeting.

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