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All Statistics and Data Science

Statistics and Data Science

This category include software tools that are primarily used for quantitative research analysis and digital marketing analytics.

    • Affinio

      Affinio is an ‘Interest Analytics Platform’ that uses machine learning to find naturally-forming interest-based segments in any audience. Using data on audience interests, affinities or content consumption, data-driven personas can be built that combine psychographic and demographic data. These can then be used for content marketing or targeting using keywords, hashtags, images, influencers, and media.

    • Alteryx

      Alteryx Designer is a data science and machine learning platform. Key features include a drag and drop environment for data blending and advanced analytics; input/output management for accessing locally, in the cloud, or third-party systems; preparation tools that eliminate the need for SQL coding; join tools to connect multiple sources of data; over 50 prepackaged tools for widely used predictive analytics procedures; investigation tools to understand the shape of datasets; and parse & transform tools for changing data formats.

    • Displayr

      Displayr is a data science, visualization, and reporting platform with import options from SPSS, SQL tables, Excel, CSV and any other data source via R. Point and click analytics are available for statistical techniques such as ANOVA, cluster analysis, correlation and various regression approaches; code-based analytics are possible with R integration. A range of visualisation options can then be published to web pages, Excel or PowerPoint.

    • Focaldata

      Focaldata uses machine learning to increase the accuracy of forecasts created with UK survey data by projecting results onto a proprietary database of the UK population. A range of data science techniques are used (multilevel regression, Naive Bayes, SVM, neural nets, ensembles and decision trees) to overcome the inaccuracy associated with weighting and small samples in survey research.

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