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The largest category in this directory. Most online survey platforms include self-service survey creation, distribution / management of fieldwork, analysis and visualisation of results. Almost all tools now support multi-platform surveys. Advanced survey platforms may include complex design rules (skip logic, piping), sophisticated research support (conjoint, MaxDiff), advanced design and formatting, integrations with third party tools (CRM, customer service, website applications), statistical and text analysis, rich visualisations and multi-mode data collection (CATI / call centre, face-to-face, offline / kiosk etc).

  • Acebot

    Acebot is a conversational surveys platform featuring multiple question types (including image, video and animated gif sharing and drag and drop responses), pre-built survey templates, multilingual surveys, data validation, advanced skip logic and question & answer piping. Survey bots can be embedded directly into a web page or hosted in WeChat or Messenger. Customisation options include white labelled surveys and custom welcome/ exit / error messages. Analytics include real time reporting with charts, summary tables and export to CSV; and Read more [...]

  • Askia

    Askia provides a survey platform for face to face, telephone, web or mobile interviewing together with an analysis package with full statistical functionality. A single platform is used for designing all types of questionnaires; complex filter logic, extendable question formats, templates and question libraries are available; and analysis tools support continuous data for tracking, open integration with other sources and complex visualisations. Add to Shortlist

  • AYTM

    AYTM combines a respondent panel, a survey software platform and a research services team. The AYTM panel can access 25,000,000 respondents around in 24 countries. The survey platform has a long list question types and features including turnkey solutions for Advanced MaxDiff, Perceptual Mapping, Price Optimization Modelling, Video Responses, Multivariable Quadrant Analysis, Polarity Scales, Reorders and Cascades. Analytics and reporting includes real time data and an interactive statistical analysis tool with charting, filtering, ccrosstabs, sig testing and export functions. Add Read more [...]

  • Checkmarket

    Checkmarket is an online survey tool that includes 20 question types and supports up to 45 languages. Distribution can be through email, web, social media, SMS, Slack, QR code, telephone or kiosk. Real-time reporting includes charts, one-click filtering, text analysis and report export to Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF, SPSS and CSV. Integrations are available with Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack and Zapier. Add to Shortlist

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