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Platform Category: Customer Experience (CX) Feedback, Employee Feedback and Text AnalyticsPlatform Tags: AI, Artificial Intelligence, CX analytics, emotion AI, emotion analytics, machine learning, Natural Langage Processing, NLP and text analytics

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  • Customer decisions are driven by EMOTION – not reason.

    People express emotions using their facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice. They also describe emotions using natural language: in conversations, open-ended survey questions, interviews, social media, and customer phone calls.

    Heartbeat AI platform transforms text input from any source (survey open-ends, call centre transcripts, customer feedback, employee comments) into ten primary and sixty secondary emotion categories. Insights are accessible through a user-friendly dashboard in real time. Quantified emotions reveal the “deep why” behind human behaviour, which helps build deeper understanding and empathy leading to better marketing, product development, and customer experience. Heartbeat AI technology is essential for understanding the main drivers of human behaviour with depth & accuracy.

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