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Text analytics platforms rely on Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make sense of unstructured data captured from a range of sources: verbatim comments in surveys, reviews posted in forums, posts in social media, comments transcribed in call centres etc. Key features include sentiment; categorisation or topic analysis; entity extraction (eg to identify brands); and visualisation – usually in an online dashboard. Text analytics capabilities are also built into some platforms in other categories (Social Listening, Surveys).

    • SayRoom

      Sayroom captures spoken feedback, transcribes it automatically and analyses it for emotional content using NLP. Reports are structured in four sections: trending topics; geolocation mapping; verbatim responses aggregated and categorized; and sentiment analysis on each response.

    • sentisum

      Sentisum is a text analytics platform for quantifying the customer experience using verbatim feedback. Data is aggregated from all channels (reviews, NPS surveys, emails, messaging) into one central repository; comments are then transformed into structured data, analysed and mapped against the customer journey in real time; results are available in a dashboard with daily alerts for specific users.

    • Smartcoder

      Smartcoder provides automatic analysis of answers to open-ended survey questions. The tool performs topic analytics and automatically generates a list of categories (codes) and assigns appropriate codes to answers. The self-service platform involves 4 steps: uploading survey responses; automatic analysis; manual refinement; and download of results.

    • SmartMunk

      Smartmunk is a text analytics tool for quantifying consumer generated content. It extracts topics in any language from sources including customer service feedback, online forums and customer satisfaction surveys.

    • Text2data

      Text2data is an web-based text analytics platform with an optional Excel plug-in. Uses include analysing in-house documents, emails, CRM or verbatim comments; tracking customer satisfaction; nalysing sentiment in social media or survey data; validating NPS scores with the data gathered from on-line surveys. Features include sentiment, summarisation, classification, entity extraction, theme discovery and keyword analysis.

    • Textable

      Textable is free open source software to analyze and process text visually. It enables both basic recoding and filtering as well as advanced text analytics including data mining algorithms such as clustering, classification and factor analysis.

    • Thematic

      Thematic is a text analytics platform with integrations to SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, Medallia, Zendesk and Salesforce. The AI-based software finds themes automatically – without manual coding or setup by a data scientist – and uses similar multi-word concepts to create visualisations. The tool works equally well on 100s or 10,000s comments.

    • TheySay

      TheySay is an emotion analysis technology for large-scale monitoring and understanding of emotions and opinions. The various products extract sensitive human signals from raw text data and can be run as standalone tools or be integrated into other workflows.

    • Voziq

      VOZIQ applies text analytics to “voice of customer” data sources to predict churn risk, identify drivers of dissatisfaction and understand high-value customers.

    • Wonderflow

      Wonderflow applies text analytics to customer experience feedback data. Sentiment analysis tools determine what customers like or dislike; a proprietary “Relevance” algorithm reveals what drives customers to buy products; and trends tools monitor price and rating fluctuations.

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