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Video Based Research

These platforms are used to capture first person video from research participants. Several tools also have advanced features for managing large volumes of video feedback in a single database; transcribing comments (automatically or manually) to make content searchable; analysing video content through object recognition or facial expressions; reporting / visualising data; and creating clips or showreels.


      Big Sofa

      Big Sofa is a video management and analytics platform with both self-service consultancy-supported options. The platform takes in consumer video in any format (mobile uploads, wearables, webcams, fixed cameras or social media) and transcribes the content to make it searchable.

    • discuss.io

      discuss.io is a video research platform for one-on-one and group conversations with integrated participant recruitment and reporting tools to share findings

    • Living Lens

      LivingLens captures & analyses video content for research and marketing teams. The platform supports any type of video content; applies analytics to transcripts of the spoken word as well as objects in images & sentiment in any language; users can build stories using a showreel creator; and results can be published online or and presented.

    • Mindswarms

      Mindswarms is a managed service and video researh platform. Project managers work with clients to help design studies, recruit participants and proof video responses to ensure quality. Videos are transcribed and searchable. Optional services for analysis, reporting and highlight reel editing are also available.

    • Nail Biter

      Nail Biter is a video reseach platform with access to a panel of several million US consumers. A smartphone app is used to capture video in-store, at shelf and at home, and propritary software codes and analyses video content.

    • Plotto

      Plotto is a tool for creating, collecting, analysing and editing video survey responses. It combines video capture, online survey software, cognitive analysis and showreel generation in a self-service online platform.

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