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Visual Analytics

These platforms predominantly use object recognition to analyse unstructured data in images or video.

    • Beautifeye

      Beautifeye offers ‘Artificial Intelligence for Market Research’ with data analysis to harvest insights from images and videos. Image Recognition and Machine Learning algorithms code videos and images to identify the occasions, products, facial expressions or brands that are captured in the images. Beautifeye also has a an insights team to support on projects including proposals, final reporting, and technical due diligence with advice on methodology and data gathering approaches.

    • Clarifai

      Clarifai provides computer vision solutions for customer analytics, visual search and moderation applications through a cloud API and developer SDK. Ready made machine learning models are available for sectors including travel, apparel and food, as well as a large number of brand logos.

    • Discover.ai

      Discover.ai is an AI driven tool for extracting meaning from text and image based sources in multiple markets and languages. Sources include internal documents, brand websites, influencer and expert blogs, online magazine articles, forums, communities, technical articles, social media, and more.

    • Dragonfly

      Dragonfly uses an algorithm to emulate how the eye and brain work in order to predict which areas of a design will grab customers’ attention. Developed with academics at Queen Mary University of London, it is based on understanding the neural architectures in the visual cortex. By replicating how the eye and brain process differences in light and shape, Dragonfly assigns each pixel with a numeric saliency value, turning the data into a virtual ‘heatmap’.

    • Eyequant

      Eyequant helps to test the visual impact of a design without the need for tracking code or recruiting users for primary research. The software simulates thousands of users and uses AI to predict which elements will attract the most visual attention. UX design ideas can be analysed and validated instantly, and the best design variants can be selected to take forward to full scale A/B testing.

    • Glimpzit

      GlimpzIt analyzes unstructured data (pictures, videos and text) using Machine Learning. A data importer feature allows uploading of existing source data, or new data can be gathered from social media, product reviews or blogs. The ‘GlimpzIt Crowd’ gives access to a research panel sample of 15 million respondents for gathering fresh data through surveys. Analytics leverage NLP, Machine Learning and Statistics.

    • Picasso Labs

      Picasso Labs is a visual analytics platform for social content. Use cases include competitor tracking, consumer insights and influencer selection. Images are automatically tagged based on content, and analytics determines which creative attributes boost or decrease engagement in social channels.

    • Signoi

      SIgnoi is a quantitative semiotics platform that decodes cultural signals using machine learning and automated analytics to implicit meaning from natural language, social media andÊbrand imagery.

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