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Dig Insights Video Interview: Mike Stevens

A video discussion about insight trends with Ian Ash, Co-Founder at Dig Insights & Upsiide, and Mike Stevens, Founder of Insight Platforms.

What I Learned Watching 14 Research Software Demos

An article exploring some of the bigger picture trends that came out of the first Insight Platforms Demo Days.

15 Tools to Manage and Analyse Qualitative User Research

An overview of the different software options for managing and analysing qualitative user research, including a list of 15 specialist tools.

Gradually, then Suddenly: Post Pandemic Growth in the Research Industry

As it adapts to life in the COVID-19 era, the research industry will see accelerated adoption of new technology. Here are seven examples.

COVID-19 Specials: Free and Low Cost Deals for Research Apps and Services

A collection of apps and services for research and analytics with free or reduced cost options during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Travel bans and altered plans: 10 ways for insight professionals to stay productive

10 ways for insight professionals to build skills and maximise productivity during the disruption caused by the Coronavirus.

Should User Research and Market Research Teams be Combined?

User research and market research are normally separate. Should they be managed together? This article explores what's similar and different about them.

Evolving Insight: 5 Themes from IIEX Europe 2020

A brief summary of the main trends on display at IIEX Europe 2020: less radical innovation, more implementation and digital transformation.

10 Free Tools for Dashboards, Data Visualisation and Infographics

An overview of 10 software tools for dashboards, data viz and infographics, all of which have free tiers: Tableau Public, Power BI, Infogram and others.

Medallia’s acquisitions & the future of customer experience management

Medallia's acquisitions can tell us a lot about the future of customer experience management. Here are 5 lessons from 5 recent acquisitions.
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