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Intro to Design Thinking Webinar - Insight Platforms

An Introduction to Design Thinking

Live webinar, Oct 29th 10am EST / 4pm UK. A free webinar introducing Design Thinking by Rinat Sherzer, innovation consultant and founder of Of Course Global. Learn about empathy-led innovation, the 5 Design Thinking phases and the importance of prototyping.
How to Choose Data Analytics Platforms - Insight Platforms

How to Choose Data Analytics Platforms

A webinar by Sjoerd Koornstra, former Heineken CMI leader, about 13 data analytics and visualisation platforms and their suitability for CMI teams.
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How Agile Qualitative Research Can Be Better Than Good Enough

Agile Summit Replay – Feeling Mutual

On-demand webinar. Tom Woodnutt of Feeling Mutual shares a case study about B2B agile qualitative research for technology company Setapp. It involved digital engagement with senior professionals that led to robust brand strategy guidance in just a few weeks.
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How Not to do Insight Transformation - Insight Platforms

How Not to do Insight Transformation

A webinar about the pitfalls of well intentioned digital transformation initiatives in consumer insight, analytics and market research teams.
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Culture of Experimentation for Insight

How to Build a Culture of Experimentation

A webinar about the principles of lean startup, agile development and design thinking - and how they apply to market research and consumer insight.
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Maru-Blue Sample Certified Webinar Video Featured Image - Insight Platforms

Can We Count on You? Assessing Reliability and Validity of Survey Panels Around the World

On-demand webinar. Maru/Blue presents the results of a test / re-test assessment of data reliability and validity from 30 survey panels in 14 different countries around the world.
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The Role of Brands and Insights During a Pandemic - Insight Platforms

The Role of Brands & Insights During a Pandemic

A series of webinars by Potentiate's Chief Research Officer, Ray Poynter, outlining the COVID-19 challenges and opportunities for the insights industry.
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How to Roll Out DIY Research Platforms - Insight Platforms

How to Roll Out DIY Research Platforms

A webinar with practical guidance and 7 steps to success for insight leaders planning the rollout of agile, self-service or DIY research software. Available on-demand: register to watch instantly.
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Beyond Zoom Groups - Insight Platforms

Beyond Zoom Groups – Get More Value from Online Qual Research

On-demand webinar. An introduction to online and mobile qualitative research by Tom Woodnutt, founder of Feeling Mutual. For UX / market researchers and insight professionals.
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Move fast but don’t break things Qualie

Agile Summit Replay – Qualie

On-demand webinar. Rob Marjenberg, Co-Founder of Qualie, explains how combining qualitative video with quantitative surveys helps researchers find insight nuggets more efficiently and improves the signal-to-noise ratio.
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Indeemo - Omnichannel User Journeys Webinar Thumbnail

Researching Omni-channel User Journeys with Mobile Ethnography

On-demand webinar by Indeemo: using smartphone ethnography to research omni-channel user journeys. Case studies featuring Deliveroo and Uber Eats.
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How to Connect Survey, Social and Search Data - Insight Platforms

How to Connect Survey, Social & Search Data for Breakthrough Cultural Insights

A webinar presented by Francesco Dorazio, co-founder of Pulsar. It explores a case study with NBC Entertainment to create 'live segments' combining survey, social and search data.
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Going global via mobile - Insight Platforms

Going Global via Mobile

A webinar by Dave Kaye of Field Notes Communities, in which he shares 10 tips for international smartphone ethnography and video qualitative research
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AI for Pragmatists - Insight Platforms

Introduction to AI for Research Pragmatists

A webinar about AI for market research and analytics. Includes practical examples, software tools and implications for the future.
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Selecting Effective Product Claims - Featured Image - Insight Platforms

How to Select Effective Product Claims for Consumer Products

A webinar about how to choose the most compelling claims for consumer products, presented by research automation specialists Conjoint.ly.
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2019-11 Lumen Webinar Featured Image - Insight Platforms

How to Win in the Attention Economy with Eye Tracking

A webinar by Mike Follett, Founder & CEO of Lumen Research, about how people give and avoid attention to media content in different formats. Based on eye tracking technology and research findings.
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Attest 80-20 Webinar Recording Featured Image - Insight Platforms

The 80-20 Rule: Give Away Control to Make Yourself Indispensable

On-demand webinar. A free webinar by Attest that describes how customer insight teams can benefit by democratising access to consumer research platforms.
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Webinar - Attention Economics Behavioural Economics Featured Image 2 - Insight Platforms

What Can Behavioural Economics Teach Attention Economics?

On-demand webinar. A free webinar on behavioural and attention economics with Richard Shotton, author of The Choice Factory, and Mike Follett, founder of eye tracking tech firm Lumen Research.
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Accelerating Storytelling Skills Webinar - Insight Platforms

Accelerating Your Storytelling Skills

On-demand webinar. A practical training session from Caroline Florence, founder of Insight Narrator, to help build storytelling skills for research and insight professionals.
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How you can use agile online research to rapidly meet your goals

Agile Summit Replay – Recollective

On-demand webinar. Laura Pulito from Recollective with Deb Walker of The Michaels Company. A case study showcasing how an agile online community transformed the organisation's approach to research.
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Webinar - nudge - 10 Trends in Insight

10 Trends in Global Insight

An overview of 10 major trends impacting the business of insight, including 5 that focus on technology and 5 that deal with transformation of insight teams.
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