How to Win in the Attention Economy with Eye Tracking


Winning in the attention economy

how eye tracking reveals the reality of attention across devices

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We live in an ‘attention economy’. But what is the reality of attention to ads and marketing?

Lumen Research use eye tracking at scale to understand what your customers engage with - and what they ignore.

Their revolutionary webcam eye tracking software allows you to conduct eye tracking studies on live sites using respondents' own mobile and desktop devices

Mike Follett, Lumen's managing director, will talk through the technology and its implications for researchers, and reveal some Lumen's latest learnings about the reality of attention.

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Presented by Mike Follett

Founder - Lumen Research
Mike is the founder of Lumen, a research specialist with cutting edge eye tracking research technology that helps understand what really captures consumer attention - and what really drives consumer behaviour. Prior to Lumen, Mike was Group Head of Planning with ad agency DDB.  
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Moderated by Mike Stevens

Founder - What Next Strategy & Planning / Insight Platforms
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