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A directory of software and services for eye tracking research, and related learning resources: articles, market maps, webinars, videos and ebooks.

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Eyequant helps to test the visual impact of a design without the need for tracking code or recruiting users for primary research. The software simulates thousands of users and uses AI to predict which elements will attract the most visual attention. UX design ideas can be analysed and validated instantly, and the best design variants …

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Eyetracker offers range of eye tracking services using in-store, lab-based and online technology.

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Eyes Decide

EyesDecide provides online eye tracking solutions for market research and product design. The integrated platform supports building, running and analysing studies and simple projects can be completed in under an hour. A viewer replay feature provides real-time eye gaze and mouse movement replays for every participant, and heatmaps can be created by segmenting, filteriong or …

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Eye Square

Eye Square is a specialist provider of neuromarketing resaerch using eye tracking, facial coding and emotion analytics.

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Bemyeye is a crowdsourced research platform with more than 600k on-demand data gatherers across Europe to help with supermarket stock-checks, retailer compliance tracking, mystery shopping and consumer durables category intelligence.

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Eyezag provides desktop and mobile eye tracking solutions using standard webcams, with tests running in-browser. Self-service and managed service solutions are available; the self-service platform supports the creation of surveys, uploading of eye-tracking stimuli, analysis tools (visualizations, heatmaps, animations, statistical data) and participant booking (via shareable link or by uploading participant lists). Managed services include …

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Lumen is an eye tracking research company with proprietary software that turns a computer or smartphone webcam into an accurate and stable eye tracking camera.

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