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Infotools is a cloud-based platform for integrating, analysing and visualising survey results from a range of studies or an on-going tracking programme

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Digsite is a qualitative research and community platform for research ‘sprints’ – rapid projects for brainstorming, co-creation or product / ad testing.

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Gavagai’s Explorer platforms is AI-driven text-analytics software for extracting meaning from unstructured text data in 46 languages.


Netquest operates survey panels in 26 countries, with many panelists also allowing digital tacking of their online behaviour across devices.

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Lumen is an eye tracking research company with proprietary software that turns a computer or smartphone webcam into an accurate and stable eye tracking camera.

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Heartbeat AI

Heartbeat AI platform transforms text input from any source into ten primary and sixty secondary emotion categories.

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FlexMR InsightHub

FlexMR InsightHub is a research platform with tools for insight communities, live chat, focus groups, blogs, forums, smartboards, scrapbooks, polls and diaries.

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Incling is a digital research platforms with expert services for building and managing online insight communities in over 20 languages.

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Behavioural Recruitment by Liveminds Behavioural Recruitment helps brands get authentic consumer insights, by finding fresh research participants matched on social networks. Behavioural Recruitment is a radically different approach, powered by …

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Q One Tech

Q One is a panel management, survey and UX research/data collection platform for both simple quick-turn-around studies and complex multi-wave projects.

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Zappi is an automated consumer insights platform for testing concepts, products, packaging, communications and advertising creative.

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Rival Technologies

Rival Technologies develops chat, voice and video technology for agile insight communities of customers, fans and employees.

20|20 QualBoard

QualBoard from 20|20 Research is a digital platform for projects with large or small groups, on-going or one-off studies and dispersed or hard-to-reach audiences.


Recollective is an online platform for insight communities and qualitative research projects of any duration or size.

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Attest is an integrated platform for rapid market feedback. Users build surveys, select a target audience and analyse results all within the platform.

Fuel Cycle

Fuel Cycle is the leading market research cloud that combines both qualitative and quantitative data to power real-time business decisions.

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